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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah : Exploring Indonesia in One Day

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Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's has been Famous for Ribs for more than 30 years. It all started back in 1972 in North Miami when Tony opened his first place with Baby Backs as the house specialty. It attracted people from miles away just to have a taste of this tantalizing sensation. The rest is history.

Tony Roma's can now be found all over the world. With more than 200 restaurants in 27 countries, the sensation that Tony started has become a worldwide success story. We have won countless awards over the years for our ribs and signature sauces.

Address : PX Pavilion @ The St. Moritz 1st Floor, Unit 7, Puri Indah Boulevard, Block U1, CBD West Jakarta 11610
Phone : (62-21) 5835 1096
Fax : (62-21) 5835 8071
: px@tonyromas-mms.com
Website : http://www.tonyromas-mms.com/en/