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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah : Exploring Indonesia in One Day

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Dapur Solo

Nasi Langgi Kuning is our special menu. Steamed rice with coconut milk and special spices, served a lots variant of sidedish such as ayam goreng, sambal goreng ati, terik, serundeng, kering kentang, telur dadar, Dapur Solo is authentic Javanese food restaurant. If you are fanatics of foods with traditional taste, Dapur Solo is your only choice. We provide so many high quality Javanese cuisines; serve in modern environment and you can get it with affordable price.

Address : Dapur Solo, Sunter Jl. Danau Sunter Utara R 35-37 Jakarta Utara
Phone : 021.640 5812
Fax : -
: dapursolo@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://www.dapursolo.com/