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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah : Exploring Indonesia in One Day

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Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta Restaurant was established on December 23, 2001 with initial capacity seating only about 200 seats, later developed into 400 seats in 2004, and until now to 1,000 seats.

Bandar Djakarta concept is a restaurant that serves a wide range of seafood and is located on the seashore of East Ancol area.

The specialty of Bandar Djakarta is to have its own fish market, where visitors can choose variety of different marine species they want to eat with a wide range of special sauce concoction Bandar Djakarta.

Address : Ancol
Phone : (62-21) 645-5472
Fax : (62-21) 6471-4528
: layanan@bandar-djakarta.com
Website : http://www.bandar-djakarta.com/