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Ujung Kulon National Park : The Last Sanctuary of The Javan Rhinos

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Carita Tour and Travel Service

WWW.CARITATOUR.COM is a company engaged in travel services. Beginning of the founding of this company, starting from our concern for Tourism and also our love at Carita Beach. We have the desire and hope, that not only us and some people who can enjoy the beauty of Carita beach. So we took the initiative to establish a company in the field of tourism. And our target market to focus on candidates both Domestic and foreign tourists.

Address : Jln. Raya Pantai Carita KM.09 Pantai Carita Pandeglang Banten 42264 Indonesia
Phone : 0253 - 880264
Fax : 0253 - 880577
: caritatour@hotmail.com
Website : http://www.caritatour.com/