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Marvel at Tangkuban Perahu’s Volcanic Crater

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Argapuri Resort

Argapuri is developed over a unique terrain. The ground contour is very extreme, with a difference of elevation of almost 110 metres between the highest and the lowest ground, from tip to tip.

One third of the region (most of it used by the Resort) occupy the top of a hill at the most southern part, with unobstructed view over the valley. This is the first place that people see when approaching the site from the Gambung public road through its single entrance.

Internal roads are connecting each other. With their public lights on, the view over the valley in the night is a magic. A small city in the midst of a gigantic natural wilderness. This scenery is enjoyable even form the public road, passerby likes to rest for a while watching this spectacular view.

To the west is green blanket of tea plantation, the colorful outfit of the tea pickers forms tiny dots over it, From the north to the east part of the region there is dense forest. This is a favourite place for many Argapuri visitors.

Even from the lowest ground of the site, the view of the mighty Gunung Tilu is wonderful and clearly visible. A small cloud is appear almost every morning over its tip, we can watch details of wilderness around its structure.

Address : Jl. Raya Gambung Km.6 Pasir Jambu Bandung 40972 West Java - Indonesia
Phone : 022 70115674|022 592.8816|022 592.8200
Fax : 022 592.8819
: info@argapuri.com
Website : http://www.argapuri.com/