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Marvel at Tangkuban Perahu’s Volcanic Crater

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Hotel Kedaton

Travel through Bandung and let yourself be seduced by the colours and aromas of a land blessed by the most spectacular scenery, a city so rich in history, art, and music, that few can resist the temptation to return again and again.

Bandung is a city where the past meets the future and east meets west.  Bandung is center of government administration, a center of education and intellectual activity, traditional Sundanese culture, tourism, high-tech industry, commercial enterprise and fashion industry.  Growth in the last twenty years is everywhere to be seen, from new international-class hotels complexes to an increase in industries, towering office buildings and new residential ventures.  Bandung has claim to being one of the liveliest and most varied cosmopolitan cities in the entire Indonesian archipelago can hardly be questioned.

Address : Jl. Suniaraja No. 14 Bandung Jawa Barat Indonesia 40111
Phone : (62-22) 4219898
Fax : (62-22) 4239944
: kedaton@indosat.net.id
Website : http://www.kedatonhotel.com/