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Karawang International Golf Club

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Delonix Hotel

4 star(s)

Delonix offers comfortable, modern hotel rooms where everything can be found at your fingertips. From the warm, personalized service to the... Read more >>

Address : Komplek Sedana, Sukaluyu Teluk Jambe, Karawang 41361, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Phone : +62 267.644.370|+62 267.644.371
: info@delonixhotel.com
Website : http://delonixhotel.com/

Hotel Fajar Indah

1 star(s)

Hotel Fajar Indah was built in September 14 1995 and its location in Karawang. Basically Karawang is a industrial place that alot of factory.From... Read more >>

Address : Jl. Tuparev No. 350, Karawang, Indonesia
Phone : +62 267 407888
Fax : +62 267 407889
: info@fajarindahhotel.com
Website : http://www.fajarindahhotel.com/

Hotel Grand Pangestu

Hotel Grand Pangestu, Hotel is located in eastern Karachi has several facilities that can support the needs of guests, such as the rooms are always... Read more >>

Address : JL. Raya Kosambi - Karawang Timur
Phone : 0267-8617920-21
Fax : 0267-8617919
Website : http://hotelgrandpangestu.blogspot.com/

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