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Bandung Factory Outlets Galore For Apparel and Leatherware

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Andelir Hotel 2 star(s)

Inspired by the beauty of Carnations which offers the charm comfort, calmness, we are determined to share the beauty and freshness that we feel to the world, in Bandung. the city proper to share the beauty, the colorful city, a city with a cool air and exciting environment with various tourist facilities, business, health and education, the city that gives a deep impression with us. Flowers are beautiful and is also a beautiful city. Two elements that we unified the best match thus producing an atmosphere that can be felt by all visitors of our hotel.

With the concept of the Minimalist Modern, Elegant in a Simplicity that can be enjoyed by all circles, from domestic and overseas, we bring to all people of the world a comfortable place that has broad access to anywhere in Bandung, namely Andelir Hotel. The location we are located at Jalan Prof. Eyckman 19th, is a strategic location for travelers from inside and outside of Bandung area, our location can be reached within 10 minutes from the airport, as well as from the railway station, 15 minutes from the exit of Pasteur from the jakarta. Travelers can visit the shopping centers as well as culinary in Cihampelas Street, not far from the location of the hotel, and can be traveled only on foot, and with private or public vehicles only takes 5 minutes. An easy way for anyone who wants to spend a holiday on the streets of in Bandung.

We are not the first in the city full of creativity, Bandung. But we have the services and facilities that we have is one of the best for anyone who wants to stop at this Flower City. City with a mix of traditional values ​​and modern.

Address : Jl. Prof. Eyckman No. 19-21, Bandung - West Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 22 2036789
Fax : +62 22 2034222|+62813 20 725 236
: marketing@andelirhotel.com
Website : http://www.andelirhotel.com/en/index.html