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The Asian-African Conference Museum : Inspiring generations for World Peace

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Sensa Hotel 4 star(s)

SENSA HOTEL "What a Feeling!"
Connected to the famous 'Cihampelas Walk', Bandung's unique boulevard-style shopping mall, SENSA HOTEL is already an iconic symbol and landmark in the city's skyline offering the best in ultimate comfort, convenience and carefree spaciousness.

The SENSA rooms are a whole new experience. Feel something uniquely fresh, pleasureable and delightful in our truly unique rooms and suites. SENSA HOTEL offers of 128 rooms, including 80 Superior Rooms, 16 Deluxe Rooms, 16 Junior Rooms, 14 Senior Rooms, and 2 Sensa Suites.

Address : Jalan Cihampelas 160 Bandung 40131, Indonesia
Phone : +62 22 2061 111
Fax : +62 22 2061 030
: info@sensahotel.com
Website : http://www.sensahotel.com/