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Jakarta Street Food Scene : Truly Indonesia

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Maharaja Coffee & Tools

MAHARAJA COFFEE is a coffee product based company located in Jakarta-Indonesia for producing the world most delicate best quality roasted Kopi Luwak and single origin specialty coffee of Indonesia.

Base on the research and product development since 2005, we concluded few origin of Kopi Luwak sources, that are the among the best in cupping scores which we bring to market to share to public at late 2009.

In such a long time of searching, collecting samples, processing, cupping, we learn many things about Indonesian coffee, geographical origin, bean shape, varieties, ecology and social culture, and stepwise how to produce a best cup from the crops.

We connected to many potential farmer across Indonesia coffee plantation, and speak continuously the correct way to process the coffee.

Our coffee products based on the sustainable, eco-friendly, organic and natural.

Address : Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 135 B10 Jakarta Pusat Jakarta, DKI 10730 Indonesia
Phone : 0216248148
Fax : 0216009045
: kopiraja@gmail.com
Website : http://www.maharajacoffee.com/