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Lovina Beach : Playground of Bottle-Nosed Dolphins along North Bali's Coast

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Sananda Bungalows

Wonderful bungalows to rent in a large exotic garden in the north of Bali. Sananda Bungalows are located in the village of Selat in north Bali, far away from the tourist hustle and bustle in the south. A peaceful place in harmony with the nature and culture of Bali. An oasis of tranquility and gentleness.

The bungalows are set in a big beautiful, tropical garden where several Balinese bird species make their homes. In our garden surrounded by banana trees stands a “bale” (a small pavilion), where you can relax wonderfully. For your Yoga, Meditation and so on there is a big gazebo style pavilion. Also welcome to host your own retreat. Enjoy our authentic Balinese food. Meals are served on the terrace of the main house, overlooking the ocean.

Just let us know what your wishes and needs are because at Sananda Bungalows we are dedicated to the total well being of our guests.

Address : Selat-Anturan, Singaraja Nord-Bali
Phone : +62 362 7000 215|+62 8123 641 781
Fax : -
: info@sanandabungalows-bali.com
Website : http://www.sanandabungalows-bali.com/