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Oasis Restaurant

At the OASIS we make you feel welcome. Our Doorman will escort you to the lamplit Entrance Hall, where you will be spellbound by the richness of color around you and the music of a Sundanese gamelan. A large ceremonial gong will be struck to sound your arrival, and ladies will be handed a corsage.
Our Maitre d’ will greet you and accompany you across the broad sweep of the Kalimantan Room to your dining table, or to the privacy of one of the Raja Rooms, or-as you wish-to the exotic atmosphere of the Topeng Bar, richly arrayed with dance masks of Indonesia and graced with paintings by the distinguished Indonesian artist, Hendra. Feel the ambience of the OASIS drawing you back in time - back to the era of the Great Plantations in Asia, and to the ease of wealth and gracious living of the period between the Great Wars.
The OASIS RESTAURANT is housed in a grand two-storey mansion built in 1928
as the private residence in the Dutch East Indies of the millionaire, F.Brandenburg van Oltsende; the owner of extensive tea, rubber and cinchona estates. Great teakwood beams span the ceilings of the room, high above a sweeping checkerboard of gleaming white and black tiles. The strong colors are softened by incandescent wall lamps and the flood of light from magnificent crystal chandeliers, and by an enormous backlit, stained-glass window designed by the Dutch artist Robert Deppe. It depicts the Dutch humanist, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466 - 1536), astride a horse, and the family coat of arms. With such opulence it is not surprising that the mansion
was chosen by the last Governor General of the Dutch East Indies as his unofficial residence during World War II. It also became the post-war residence of the United States Naval Attache. The residence, with its beautiful garden, provided a glamorous setting for the annual Marine Ball. In 1970 the mansion gained a new lease of life as one of the finest restaurants in Indonesia : the OASIS RESTAURANT. We would be honored to have you dine with us.

Address : Jalan Raden Saleh no. 47 Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (62-21) 3150646
Fax : -
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Website : http://www.oasis-restaurant.co.id/