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Logan Hill Golf Club

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Citi International Sun Yat Sen Medan 3 star(s)

We are pleased to introduce this upcoming 16-floors hotel, at this moment is one of the highest buildings in the city. The location is in the heart of the city, providing breathtaking views of the city.

Designed with modern concept in mind, this hotel offers clean comfortable rooms and great service at budget rates. Well suited for vacation guests and business travels alike- 20 minutes drive to the Polonia airport, 10 minutes to the railway station and 5 minutes to popular local food center that sells excellent food. Its wonderful ethnic mix makes a rich diversity in both neighborhoods and cuisine.

Address : Jl. Sun Yat Sen No. 77, Medan, Indonesia
Phone : +62 61 7363479
Fax : +62 61 7324857
: info@citi-hotel.com
Website : http://www.citi-hotel.com/public/index.php?id=115&uID=149