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Jakarta: Dining Experience in Metropolitan City

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Pan Travel

Established in 1969, Pantravel was one of the first modern travel agencies in Indonesia. Since then, Pantravel has consistently maintained a leading position in corporate and institutional travel management, Rail Europe products as well as incentive tour activities.
Moving into a new century, Pantravel is continuously improving its products and services through significant investments in human resources and technology. In 2000, Pantravel is implementing new Customer Relationship Management software that would improve customer service and optimize efficiency in corporate travel. For instance, the new system will ensure travel policy compliance, allow electronic booking, and generate up to the minute travel activity reporting for our corporate customers.

Address : Jalan Dr. Saharjo 96A, Jakarta 12960, Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 8309391
Fax : +62 21 8303904
: reservation@pantravel.co.id
Website : http://www.pantravel.co.id