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Jakarta’s Popular Theme Parks

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  1. Balai Sarbini

    Balai Sarbini, located in Semanggi Area, Jakarta.
  2. Budpar and Indosat Building

    Budpar Building dan Indosat Building, located in Medan Merdeka area, Jakarta.
  3. Bunderan HI

    Bunderan HI, in central of Thamrin Area, Jakarta.
  4. Exhibition in Jakarta

    Exhibition about craft and textile, usually held in Jakarta Convention Center.
  5. GKJ (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta)

    Old and historical building about art and dance or culture exhibition.
  6. Night at Jakarta

    Beautiful scenery in Jakarta at night.
  7. Kemang at Night

    Kemang,known as culinary area in Jakarta.
  8. Kota Tua Station

    Stasiun Kota in Jakarta.



For a comprehensive glimpse of Indonesia visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, located in East Jakarta, accessible via the toll road. The Park displays original Indonesian houses from throughout the archipelago, all with their unique architectural style. Here is also an Imax theatre, showing spectacular 3D films. Orchid lovers should not miss the Orchid Garden here. A new Snowbay water park has been added for family fun and recreation

For complete seaside recreation, Jakarta’s residents and domestic tourists throng to the Ancol Dreamland located on the north coast of the city. This is a sprawling resort complete with a Seaworld, a Fantasy World known as Dunia Fantasi or Dufan for short that includes boat rides into It’s a Doll’s World. There is also a large swimming arena complete with artificial waves and waterslides, a heart-stopping roller coaster and many thrilling rides such as the torpedo and hysteria. This resort also has hotels, restaurants and a convention hall.

Jakarta also has a complete Zoo filled with the rich fauna of the archipelago. Located at Ragunan, here one can admire the magnificent bird of paradise, the Komodo lizard, the Orang Utan and all types of snakes. The Zoo also has a special section for Gorillas called the Schmutzer Primate Center.  The Jakarta Ragunan Zoo is a special family favourite on public holidays.  
A unique indoor theme park especially built for Kids with edutainment in mind is Kidzania, located on the 6th. floor of the Pacific Place Mall, at the Senayan CBD.There are only three such parks in the whole world, and one is in Jakarta.
Kidzania offers a replica town for kids, complete with highways, buildings, retail shops and cars around the road. Here are also hospitals, supermarkets, theatres, industrial buildings, beauty salons and more.
In this town , children are given the opportunity to play adult roles and choose professions they may be attracted to rise to . They may want to be doctors, pilots, engineers, detectives, F1 racers, or firemen, there are some 100 professions and jobs that children may choose from.
This is a highly safe, interactive park that offers high educational values, where kids are also taught the value and use of money. Here they will be paid salaries with Kidzos currency, which they can exchange to buy things or services at Kidzania.  
For detailed information visit their web at www.kidzania.co.id

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Jakarta’s Popular Theme Parks

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