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Golfing in Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

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Maharatu Tour and Travel

Maharatu Tour & Travel is a travel agents centered in Yogyakarta,
Indonesia. Yogyakarta is the central locus of the Javanese culture by which we will bring our partners and customers into the very classic cultural heritage. Maharatu commits to give excellent services to our international and domestic partners and costumers. Our travel agent has experinces in serving partners and customers from different groups of tourist and institutions such as universities, schools, companies, local government offices, and many others.

Maharatu guarantees you getting the most convenience services since it is supported by professionals, dedicativesand well – skilled staff.  It also offers very competitive rates even lesser than other and be ready to compete with other industries of the same field. We serve best at booking Hotels,  Restaurants. We offer lower price than standard price, your comfort and your satisfaction is always be our main priority.

Our service is arranging your journey not only to the exotic places in Java Island and all over Indonesia, but also to bring you watching and engaging the unique culture and tradition of the local people. We also over eco-tourism and philantropic tourism if you want to engage in supporting the quality of life of  local people constructively. You can be assured that your journey will be well taken care of throughout the duration of your trip by our experienced team and friendly staff. Offering the highest level of personalized service is our main priority and we aim to anticipate all needs and requirements. Trust us as your travel Agent.

Address : Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 27 Yogyakart
Phone : +62 274 377067
Fax : +62 274 379250
: maharatu@maharatu.com
Website : http://www.maharatu.com