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Meru Betiri: An Undiscovered Jungle Paradise

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With a spectacular coastal rainforest and a rich diversity of wildlife, the Meru Betiri national park is one of the most impressive national parks on Java. Travessing thick jungle and a rubber plantation, the journey to get here is an adventure but once you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with with unspoilt natural beauty unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Here you can search for the exotic wildlife that make this park their home including black panthers, turtles and leopards. Sukamade is a protected turtle beach within the park and one of Indonesia’s most important turtle spawning grounds. This park was also the last refuge of the rare Java tiger. The tiger used to be found throughout the island but the impact of hunting and deforestation means that today they are most likely extinct. The last tracks were recorded in 1997.  

This park is located in one of the most isolated parts of Indonesia so it can be difficult to get to, even by 4WD. It’s remoteness has kept the number of visitors here to a minimum which means it is a largley undisturbed and undiscovered jungle paradise. Gunung Beriri, the mountain which gives the park it’s name, stands at 1223 meters in the north of the park.

The best time to visit here is in the dry season (April to October) as the road into the park can is prone to flooding in the wet season.   The remote location of this park means it is a destination for the truly adventurous.

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Meru Betiri: An Undiscovered Jungle Paradise

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