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Plaza Hotel Semarang 2 star(s)

Service Customer satisfaction is the main thing. That's what's offered by the Plaza Hotel is located at Jalan Semarang Setiabudi 101-103. Shoot a major market share among government, the Hotel Plaza Convention Hall facilities feature a comfortable to hold various activities such as seminars, meetings, meetings, workshops, and training. Representative meeting room in accordance with the tagline The hotel is comfortable Convention Hotel.

Plaza Hotel provides a variety of packages meeting on 4 meeting rooms with varying capacities. Space provided the space Nusa Indah, Alamanda, Lotus, and Bougenville. "The capacity of the room starting from 25 people to 200 people and can be arranged as needed,". Each room is equipped with latest facilities such as Air Conditioner, Flip Charts, LCD Projector, Over Head Projector, Podium, Video, TV, Sound Systym, Wireless and Wireless Network Connection is also available with Hot Spot Free of charge for users of the room Internet connection .

Address : Jl. Setiabudi 101-103 Semarang 50253 Central Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 24 747 3188
Fax : +62 24 747 3215
: cs@plazahotelsemarang.com
Website : http://www.plazahotelsemarang.com/