Hunting for Salak Pondoh in Sleman

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Salak is one of Indonesia's traditional fruits. Covered with brownish-black scales, the flesh tends to be ivory in color. Salak pondoh is the sweetest variety. The flesh is firm and succulent. The taste is unique yet addictive. Visiting salak pondoh farm in Turi, Sleman regency, is truly a remarkable experience for you and your loved ones.


To Eat, To Buy, To Stay, To Do

Hotels and inns in Jogjakarta.


  • Some star hotels in Jogjakarta offer their own rental cars.
  • Visit this farm when they're harvesting in November to December (big harvest) and from June to July (medium harvest). That way you'll be able to sample more salak on this farm (4-5, compared to 2-3 pieces on regular days). This way you'll be able to buy salak pondoh at a very low price. If you visit this farm on other months, however, the price might triple.
  • It is best to visit this farm early in the morning. That way the temperature is cooler and you can go straight to Kaliurang to see Merapi Mountain. If you come to Kaliurang later on the day, Merapi might not still be visible.


Getting There and Around

Get Around

Explore this exceptional site on foot. By car, you can visit Kaliurang, a cool area where you can see Merapi Mountain from a distance.

Get There

From Jogjakarta, you can rent a car to this area. The journey will take about 30 minutes. Or if you happen to be in Magelang, you can rent a car to this place. It is only 20 kilometers away from Magelang. Alternatively, you can use a bus from Jogjakarta to Magelang. You'll then get off before Murangan Hospital, or, to be precise, in front of Sleman Junior High School (SMP 2). Then you can use public transportation to Ngablak Square. From this place you can ride another public transportation heading to salak pondoh farm.