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Ubud : A Place of Peace and Serenity

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Gaya Restaurant and Lounge

Gaya cuisine starts with the simple philosophy that cooking is art: the menu is a gallery of sensual gustatory experience.

Gaya’s chef subtly transforms the flavours and textures of the freshest Mediterranean and Asian ingredients into distinctively original dishes with a view toward bringing each ingredient to its maximum potential. With the exception of the most vivid Balinese and Indonesian dishes and some traditional Italian foods too perfected to change, the menu is a wholly original artistic creation.

Like a painter who prizes the quality of his pigment, Gaya uses clean-tasting herbs like rosemary, parsley, and basilicum (the basil in Bali is extraordinary) and the purest prepared olive oils; fish is delivered daily from Jimbaran, freshly caught that morning; grass-fed beef is flown in from Australia. Gaya takes pride in homemade foods — which include breads and grissini, most of their pasta, and all of their delicious desserts. There are few heavy sauces as the climate does not call for it.

Gaya’s cooking philosophy is that in the art of food, as in love, the individual flavour of one ingredient cannot outshine the other — perfect synergy must be accomplished for the pleasures of the palate. Only then can the singularity of one thing be enhanced by another's presence.

Address : Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud Bali, Indonesia 80571
Phone : +62 361 979252
Fax : +62 361 975895
: restaurantandlounge@gayafusion.com
Website : http://www.gayafusion.com/restaurant/info.php