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Luxurious camping

We provide "Luxury Experience" by indulging all your senses simultaneously in doing outdoor activities. Situgunung Park is a place for various outdoor activities in Indonesia's tropical rain forests.

Let’s Go For It.

From Wonder Into Wisdom.

Its presence is just below the foot of Mount Gede Pangranggo at altitudes between 950-1175 meters above sea level presents its own natural wealth. Flora and fauna in it as well as the existing landscape allows us to explore, in the form of adventure and conservation as well.

Situ Gunung Park formerly known as Situ Gunung Natural Park is located in the village of mount Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.Situ Gunung Park formerly known as Natural Park is located in the village of Situ Gunung Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Currently, an area of 250ha is managed profesional.Resort Pangrango Mount Gede National Park in the south has a steep valleys, Situgunung lake, several waterfalls and rivers that flow decorated with natural stones. And of course the tropical rain forest - along with the flora and fauna - are well maintained. Various options adventure tours such as River tubing, canoeing Lake, Rope Course, trekking and wildlife observation are packaged in an attractive form. In addition, conservation activities such as Adopt a Tree, Community Development, Waste Management, microhydro and Volunteer Program also has been and will be running. Open the opportunity for you to get personally involved, organization or company for conservation projects in the region.


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