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The Borobudur Festival

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    Once you enter Borobudur, you find yourself being led into an intricate cosmology immortalized in stone, which is a magnificent trip for amateur archaeologists, albeit one that will require an experienced guide to decipher.
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The majestic temple of Borobudur in Central Java has twice been the site of a celebration to showcase the wonders of this ancient site, one of Indonesia’s premier tourist attractions.

The Borobudur International Festival is a place where trade, tourism and culture overlap. Taking place in 2003 and then again in 2009, the festival saw people flock to the celebrations, showing the vital role that the temple plays in people’s spiritual as well as economic well being. The festival involved seminars, exhibitions, travel marts, cultural performances as well as sport festivals.

The 2009 festival lasted five days and attracted representatives from all over the world including Australia, the Phillipines, Germany, India and Thailand. Representatives came to soak up the local culture as well as to buy the tour packages offered by operators and agencies from  around Indonesia. Participating countries also had the opportunity to display their own cultures as performers from the global community presented their talents in a fascinating array of traditional music, crafts and art shows, all at the foot of the spectacular Borobudur temple.  

The festival was truly a celebration of global culture, an exchange between Indonesia and the world. It provided a forum for experts to exchange their views on cultural heritage. Most of all, it was a unique chance for Indonesia to once again present Borobudur in all its glory to the world.

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The Borobudur Festival

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