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Wood Carving Center in Palembang

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Zuri Express Palembang 2 star(s)

Zuri Express Palembang is designed for the discerning business and leisure traveler who appreciates simplified elegance. It offers comfort, convenience and good value. Business visitors appreciate that the local businesses are all within reach of our location. Our hotel’s guests can stay productive with our complimentary wi-fi facility available anywhere in the hotel area. With a name you can trust and a price you can afford, we’ll indulge you with a practical and convenient stay.

Address : Jl Dr. M. Isa No. 988 Palembang 30114, Indonesia.
Phone : +62 711 710 800
Fax : +62 711 715 533
: reservation.plm@zuriexpresshotels.com
Website : http://www.zuriexpresshotels.com