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Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II

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Carmeta Tour

PT. Powerful Carmeta Tour was established on December 17, 1978 by Mr. Gambling Timadius as President Director. Currently occupies the building at Jalan Dempo Foreign No. 29-30 Palembang after changing locations several times and has several branches namely in Louth, Bangka Island and in Jakarta.

By creating a comfort and security of travel, then we are serving a variety of tour packages, package tours at home and abroad, tour packages on request, and special interest tours always provide the best service with professional services and experienced in their field.

PT. Powerful Carmeta Tour also serve airline ticket sales both domestically and internationally from various airlines, and even help the customer to apply for passports and visas, as well as domestic and international hotels, so clients do not have difficulties in his way.

Over time, PT. Powerful Carmeta Tour also won awards for many various achievements, among others, The Best Performance International for Cargo and Passenger from Garuda Airlines, Cathay Pacific Award, The Outstanding Domestic Passenger Agent Kilkenny, Business Partner Appreciation by Merpati Airlines, and others.

Address : Jl. Dempo Luar No. 29 - 30 Palembang 30124 Indonesia
Phone : (0711) 356653 - 321
Fax : (0711) 312589 - 3536
: -
Website : http://www.carmeta-ampuh.com/index.html