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Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II

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Hotel Bumi Asih Palembang

Selection of Bumi Asih Palembang hotel in Palembang pictures or images from the overview, rooms, facility, and general one. Preview your hotel picture by clicking to the Bumi Asih Palembang picture thumbnails below. Search also more information on hotels in Palembang and proceed to your Bumi Asih Palembang hotel reservation.

Address : Jl. Kapt.A.Rivai No. 36 Palembang
Phone : (0711) 364 349
Fax : (0711) 364 352
: reservation_plg@hotelbumiasih.com
Website : http://hotelbumiasih.com/palembang/index.asp?fuseaction=front_content