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The Bay of Triton

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Papua Diving Kri Island Eco Resort

Papua Diving (former Irian Diving) is an eco-tourism SCUBA diving operation located near Sorong, Indonesia, on the far western end of the island of New Guinea. Papua Diving offers SCUBA dive trips based from two eco-resorts in the Raja Ampat Islands located in the midst of a gigantic pristine reef system.
The Raja Ampat has only recently been discovered by scientist to house world’s richest reefs systems. The group of islands is situated on the equator, is part of Papua and counts more than 600 islands. Till this very day the area is virtually unexplored and unknown due to its size, what we do know is that it has revealed to harbor an amazing diversity of breathtaking underwater life.
Our company Papua Diving has experience diving and pioneering the area since 1990. Papua Diving is a Dutch owned and managed company, while almost all the rest of the staff are indigenous Papuan people. We have already been operating our “Kri Eco Resort” since 1994, while a more luxurious resort "Sorido Bay Resort" just opened its doors in November 2004. The resort allows our guests to experience Western style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beach on Kri Island, the dive resort is central to the most spectacular dive sites in the Raja Ampat.
Manta Rays are present almost permanently at three locations close to our resort and our guests thoroughly enjoy seeing them from up close. Often they are at touching distance and it is normal to see 10 to 15 Manta Rays during one dive. We have many dive locations where we find the Manta Rays, amongst them our house reef Cape Kri.  Furthermore we have a great number of breathtaking reefs that are truly teeming with life, many of our guests tell us that they have never seen such an abundance of fish on a reef before. Some of the specialties we can offer our guests are different types of Pygmy Seahorses and diving with Manta rays.  We can show our guests three different types of Pygmy Seahorse.
The diving in Papua compares favorably to PNG diving, Wakatobi diving, Komodo diving, Alor diving, North Sulawesi diving, Manado diving, Bali diving and other popular dive destinations and dive resorts. Those who have dived Wakatobi Dive Resort, PNG, the Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon and other dive sites known for outstanding SCUBA diving will be enthralled with the quantity and quality of fish, corals and creatures in Papua's Raja Ampat Islands. Recent scientific surveys bear our claims! Papua is one of the wildest and least explored dive areas in the world.
Dive Papua and you will find that the Papua diving is far superior to the diving in Wakatobi, Bali, Komodo, Kalimantan, Manado, and other areas of Sulawesi. The accommodations are situated in the midst of a vast reef system, so diving by live aboard dive boat is not essential to get 4 great dives per day, in fact, you will get more dives per day with Papua Diving than aboard Pindito or Sea Trek, live aboard operators that occasionally dive through the area. Read our site to see what Gerry Allen has to say about us. Papua has huge schools of fish, tiny seahorses, really pristine corals and islands.

Address : Jl. Gunung Gamalama 3 98413 Sorong
Phone : +62 411 401660
Fax : +62 951 325274
: info@papua-diving.com
Website : http://www.papua-diving.com