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Soekarno's House in Ende

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Eco Dive Resort

Eco Dive Resort in Alor archipelago, Indonesia. A dive resort where diving is passion. Ultimate destination with prestine reef, big fish, and critter. Intimate resort situated on a 400 m long white sandy beach; stretched layout, all the bungalows and restaurant seafront, spacious private terraces with view on spectacular Pantar strait; indoor bathroom with hot and cold shower, 24th reliable electricity. All board accomodation with a variety of healthy meals, succulent combination of Asiatic and International dishes. We arrange the transfer between Alor airport and Alor Divers and it is free of additional charge. A 30 min car drive from the airport is followed by a 30 min boat ride to reach the resort.

Address : Jl. Tengiri No. 1, Kalabahi, Alor Island, NTT, Indonesia
Phone : +6281317804133
Fax : -
: info@alor-divers.com
Website : http://www.alor-divers.com/