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Ketinting : the Unique Traditional Slender Boat of Lampung

To get up real close to the playful wild dolphins that are found in the open sea at Kiluan Bay in Lampung, is certainly a one of a kind sensation. What can make it even more special is when you can get near them on the unique traditional boat of Lampung, known as Ketinting. The ketinting, with its slender shape, complete with bamboo outriggers on each side enables it to maneuver fast through the o

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Minangkabau’s Shimmering Hand-Woven Songket, and Woodcarving

The province of West Sumatra is not only blessed with picturesque panorama, undulating hills and mountain ranges, mystifying Lakes , waterfalls and lush green fields, but also with the vibrant culture of its indigenous Minangkabau ethnic group. The colorful culture of the Minangkabau is etched in the widely recognized hand-woven Songket fabrics, -  hailed as the most refined in the world, - &

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Gandrung: Vivacious Courtship Dance of Banyuwangi

As visitors set foot on Banyuwangi, at the eastern tip of Java Island, they will be greeted by statues of traditional dancers scattered all over the city. These depict the Gandrung Dance, the icon of present-day Banyuwangi, which has given it the name “the city of Gandrung”. 

The word “Gandrung” in the Javanese language means: being madly in love or infatuated.


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Sungai Dareh Stone: The precious Sumatran Jade of Dharmasraya


The Indonesian Archipelago is very blessed not only with amazing landscapes, but also with an array of natural treasures of precious rocks and gemstones that lie just below the surface.

While the Bacan Stone from the Bacan Island in North Maluku may already be better known and more popular, another equally beautiful gemstone called the Sungai Dareh Stone or the Sumatran Jade is now making

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Wayang Golek: The Legendary Wooden Puppet Theatre of West Java

The art of Wayang is one of the most prominent features of Indonesian culture. Renowned for its elaborate puppets, complex musical styles and deep philosophical teachings, this ancient form of storytelling flourished for centuries at the royal courts of Java and Bali as well as in rural areas. In 2003, UNESCO declared the art of Wayang as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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Keris: A Precious Sacred Heirloom of Indonesia

The ultimate symbol of heroism, virility, authority, and spirituality, Keris (also pronounced as Kris in English) is one of the most revered objects in  Indonesian culture. More than a mere ancient traditional weapon,  Keris is regarded as a precious heirloom passed down from great ancestors and continues to be preserved for future generations. In 2005, the significance of Keris was ackn

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Jaipongan: The Popular Sundanese Folk Dance of West Java

If there ever was a folk dance that is so popular, is widely developed and deeply rooted in the Sundanese culture of West Java, then it must be Jaipongan. Jaipongan is undoubtedly one of the most popular folk dances in Indonesia; one that is frequently performed on various occasions, celebrations, welcoming distinguished guests, and even highlighting some formal events.

Although invented relative

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Wayang Kulit: The Enchanting Shadow Puppet Theatre

One of the most prominent features of Indonesian culture that for centuries has highlighted the life of its people especially on Java and Bali,  is the art of Wayang. This ancient art is among the world’s greatest story-telling tradition and is recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. While it comes in the form of theater (Wayang Orang) and 

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Debus: the Ancient, near super-human Martial Art of Banten

The province of Banten which was once part of the  vast West Java province, was formed in the year 2000, and is today the youngest province on the island of Java. However, its people are  long known in history to have their own distinct culture. One of its cultural traits  that is definitely most spectacular and breathtaking is the ancient art of Debus.

Debus is the traditional m

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Papua Batik : Birds of Paradise and Ancient Motifs

What souvenirs to bring from the exotic island of  Papua? 

How about Batik - yes, indeed, Papua also produces its own unique Papua Batik.


Although Batik art and craft was introduced only quite recently to Papua since 1985, yet in this relatively short time the people of Papua have succeeded in making Papua  Batik their own identity.


Papua Batik uses

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