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Mak Yong: the Captivating Folk Dance-Drama in the Riau Islands

Mak Yong is a Malay performaning art that incorporates ritual, dance, drama, song and traditional instrumental music in a captivating form of folk theatre. Mak Yong has taken root in communities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is believed that this form of theatre originates in southern Thailand, which was then brought to Bintan in the Riau Islands via Singapore.

In the Riau islands, Mak

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The Bendrong Lesung Dance: Thankful for a Bountiful Harvest in Banten

Wearing  colorful traditional costumes of farmers, a group of dancers (both men and women) cheerfully  carry  the longtraditional wooden pestle known as “Alu”. And beat this repeatedly on the “Lesung”,  the long wooden mortar for grinding  ricegrains. Happily involved in every movement

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“Devdan, Treasure of the Archipelago”: Bali’s Celebration of Cultural Diversity

The wonderful cultural diversities of the Indonesian Archipelago are fused together in the spectacular performance: Devdan -Treasure of the Archipelago that is regularly staged at the Nusa Dua Theatre, at Nusa Dua, Bali.

“Devdan – Treasure of the Archipelago” is not a musical, nor it is a drama, instead it is a contemporary acrobatic and dance performance that is inspired by the

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Rencong: The Formidable Weapon of Aceh

Tanah Rencong or the land of the Rencong is a title widely attributed to Aceh, the most north-western province of Indonesia. The name derives from the traditional weapon that is not only legendary but is also considered a heritage that has passed down the generations from their ancestors.

The Rencong (or sometimes known as  Reuncong or Rincong) for the Acehnese is more than just a combat weapo

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Buton Woven Fabrics: their Delicate Colors and Motifs

One of the most distinct traditional works of art on the island of Buton, in the province of Southeast Sulawesi, is the Buton hand-woven cloths. The tradition of weaving has been known since hundred years in this multi-ethnic area and has been handed down to the younger generations until today. The women of Buton, both from nobility as well as the common people, may start to learn to weave since t

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The 5th Jailolo Bay Festival: Treasure of the Golden Spice Islands

Following the success of previous editions, the Government of West Halmahera will once again present the 5th edition of the Festival Teluk Jailolo or Jailolo Bay Festival 2013 from 16th to 18th May 2013,  at Jailolo or Gilolo , other names given by the inhabitants to the island  better known as Halmahera in the province of North Maluku.

Reviving the former glory of Halmahera as the worl

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Jambi Calligraphic Batik

Elaborately patterned with hand-painted motifs or calligraphy, these traditional fabrics, better known as Batik, have always been an inherent part of the culture and daily lives of the people of Indonesia. Traditional Indonesian Batik is divided into three main types: calligraphic batik, painted batik and printed batik, and can be found in almost every region across the archipelago, each with thei

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Sasirangan: Traditional South Kalimantan fabric with distinct Banjar motifs

Aside from the glittering gemstones that can be found in the towns of Cempaka and Martapura, the province of South Kalimantan has its treasure within the culture of its indigenous Banjar ethnic group itself. Passed down the generations and crafted by the finest hands of the Banjarese, the art of Sasirangan is manifestation of Banjar’s ethnic sense of art on sheets of fabric.



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“Lipaq Saqbe”: Mandar’s Exquisite Hand-Woven Silk Sarongs

Although this region is as yet not as well known as others in Indonesia, the young province of West Sulawesi is a land blessed with many pristine wonders. Its shoreline is decorated with beautiful beaches, while the highlands are adorned with magnificent waterfalls and stunning sceneries. Residing in this magnificent setting are the Mandar, an ethnic group that possesses equally fascinating cultur

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Tifa: the Traditional hourglass-shaped Drum of the Asmat of Papua

A couple of tifa players sit around a flaming coal fire, tuning the lizard-skinned cover of the tifa drums by rubbing around its top edge. The lizard skin is held and tightened with braided plant fibers or rattan strings around the top. When done, the traditional drum will sound clearly and loudly, as loud as the chants they accompany, the only oral literature known to the Asmat people.

Tifa, a t

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