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A Culinary Tour of the Flavors of Bangka

When visiting Bangka Island, other than exploring the historical attractions or relaxing amidst nature, take a culinary tour of the island and sample the variety of the region’s traditional dishes. Dishes from Malaysia, the Minangkabau and Guangdong are served in colonial Dutch buildings that have been transformed into restaurants, adding to the adventure of the search for the local food and

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A refreshing Hot Drink at “Okyna Kopi & RempahRempah” at Kintamani

A young mother sits casually, grinding coffee beans using the traditional tools and methods. In the center of the room, coffee beans roast in a large clay pan. A mouth-watering aroma fills the air in every corner of the room and beyond, bursting through windows and doors into the plantations that surround it. This quaint little coffee house is found in the midst of a miniature coffee field along t

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Culinary Specialties from Mt.Kerinci

Highlighted by a backdrop of a stunning  mountain range and lush natural landscape, the highlands of Kerinci in Jambi Province also offer a cool and refreshing climate. Accompanying the cool  air, the people of  Kerinci also serve some of the most delicious hot soupy meals and beverages that will surely indulge your tongue and warm the body.  

Gulai Ikan Semah

Stretching ove

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Jamu Drinks : Indonesia's legendary traditional Health Treatment

The Javanese woman has a long tradition of mixing carefully picked leaves, fruits, and herbs into a traditional herbal drink called Jamu. These are usually slowly boiled together and the mixture taken as medicine. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and is still well preserved to this very day. To bring these benefits to the masses, Jamu is now developed  in mode

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Padang Food

If you like a little spice in your food then Padang is the place for you. Famous throughout Indonesia for its distinctive cuisine, Padang is THE place to go to sample the famous spicy nasi padang food that has spread throughout the country and the world.

Virtually every city in Indonesia has a Padang restaurant which shows just how popular this food is. You can often tell a Padang restaurant becau

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