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Rafting The Wild Rapids of East Java

Embrace adventure and take a thrilling journey down the thundering rapids of the rivers of Indonesia. This is a fun and exhilirating way to experience the beauty of East Java’s the natural landscape. Rafting here is not for the faint hearted. You’ll need a thirst for adventure and a moderate level of fitness. Rafting has become the most popular activity in East Java after treking Mt Br

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The Breathtaking Ijen Crater

Surrounded by a landscape of lush coffee plantations and dramatic volcanic surrounds, Ijen Plateau is a quiet but active volcano with a stunning natural beauty that draws in visitors from around the world. It is the spectacular turqouise sulphur lake which fills the crater of Ijen which is the main attraction. The magnificent lake is located 2148 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the vol

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Baluran National Park: An Indonesian Savannah

The unique Baluran National Park is unlike anywhere else on Java. This is a dry country-side of open forests and scrub land, bordered at the coast by marshes, swampy groves and white beaches. Nicknamed ‘Indonesia’s little bit of Africa’ the park is rich in wildlife such as deers, monkey, wild pigs and the extremely rare leopard. Go on safari here and see the thousands of exotic b

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Meru Betiri: An Undiscovered Jungle Paradise

With a spectacular coastal rainforest and a rich diversity of wildlife, the Meru Betiri national park is one of the most impressive national parks on Java. Travessing thick jungle and a rubber plantation, the journey to get here is an adventure but once you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with with unspoilt natural beauty unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Here you can search for the exotic wild

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Experience The Real Java at Kaliandra Sejati

Recover and rejeuvenate from the stresses of modern life amongst volcanic craters, sweeping rice paddies and the charming hospitable people at Kaliandra, East Java.

The Kaliandra eco resort on the tranquil slopes of Mt Arjuna is the perfect place to relax and explore the magnificent landscape and fascinating culture of East Java.

This eco resort has been developed in close consultation with the l

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History of the Once Mighty Mount Krakatau

The history of Mount Krakatau dates back far beyond the cataclysmic eruption of 1883. An ancient Javanese text called Pustaka Raja Purwa or Books of Kings recorded a far more extreme episode in the year 338 Sakaor, or 416 AD at the site of what was believed to be the current Krakatau Islands. The event was also believed to have changed the shape of the land.

“A monstrous rumbling sound was

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The mystifying Spiderweb Ricefields of Manggarai

If elsewhere concentric circles of ricefields may be thought as having been created by ultra-terriestrial beings, not so in Manggarai in the western part of Flores. Here spiderweb ricefields are very much man-made and have existed for centuries down generations.

These mystifying spiderweb ricefields can be clearly seen at Cancar from atop a hill some 12 km. from Ruteng, capital of the district of

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Green Sea Turtles: Endangered Ocean Explorers of the Derawan Islands

Sea turtles are ocean explorers, spending most of their lives roaming across the tropical and subtropical portions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Only occasionally, and only under ideal circumstances, do the female turtles stop to lay their eggs. Of the 7 known species of sea turtles, 6 are recorded to nest along the shorelines of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Displaying some of the most fascin

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Get Close to the most Exotic Birds of Paradise at Raja Ampat

Papua is the natural home of the beautifully colored Birds of Paradise widely admired for their exotic plumage. In Indonesia these rare birds are called Cendrawasih, the Indonesian name for the Paradisaeidae bird family, considered the most beautiful birds on the planet.

Best place to have an opportunity get close these Birds of Paradise are in the village of Sawinggrai in the Raja Ampat island

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The Underwater Paradise at Komodo National Park

A marine counter-part of the Garden of Eden – this is what could be said of the waters of the islands that are collectively part of Komodo National Park which lies within the 10 Degrees latitude of the equator off the island of Flores in the province of East Nusatenggara.  An endless variety of habitats like fringing reefs, scattered isolated offshore islands of every shape and size, sh

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