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The Annual International Sandeq Race

Recognized by Asian Yachting as the world’s fastest, longest and hardest race for traditional fishing vessels, the annual Sandeq race.covers no less than 300 nautical miles in 6 legs. Starting from the harbor of Mamuju in West Sulawesi racing all the way to o Makassar, capital city of South Sulawesi, the International Sandeq Race takes ten days, held during the month of July or August.

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The Bugis Pinisi Schooner

When sailing in the Indonesian seas one invariably meets one of these majestic traditional schooners at full sail. These are the Bugis pinisi, - or sometimes written phinisi - that have for centuries plied these waters journeying as far away as Malacca, Burma, Vietnam and Australia. Today one can see these large traditional boats at anchor along the Sunda Kelapa harbor in Jakarta and at the Ujung

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The Crazy Bamboo of Maluku: A Mesmerizing Spectacle

Mantras, burning incense, and seven husky men wrestling with a piece of bamboo are all things you will experience when you see the Crazy Bamboo Dance in Maluku (the Moluccas). After you see this performance you’ll have a story of adventure and the supernatural that you’ll be recounting to people back home for years to come. During this mystical dance, a group of seven men hold a bamboo

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Aceh’s Best: The Saman Dance

When you come across an Indonesian cultural performance in any international exhibition, it is very much likely that Acehnese vibrant traditional dance, the Saman Dance, would be one of the assorted cultural splendors put on stage. Mostly comparable with any Balinese dance, Saman Dance is one of the sweethearts of Indonesian performing arts, often acts as an ambassador of exceptional Indonesian da

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Silek Harimau Minangkabau : the True Martial Art of West Sumatra

Pencak Silat is the original Martial Art that is native to Indonesia, just as the Chinese have the Kung Fu, the Japanese the Karate, or the Koreans the Taekwondo.  Among the many forms and styles found across the Indonesian Archipelago, one distinct style is the Silek Harimau, that was developed among the Minangkabau  ethnic group of West Sumatra.

Archaeological evidence revealed that t

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Kaghati Kolope: The Oldest giant Kite in the World

In addition to the underwater splendors around the waters of Wakatobi, the province of South East Sulawesi also holds a precious treasure of human history: the Kaghati Kolope, the oldest Kite in the world , created on the island of Muna, located north of Wakatobi.

Kaghati Kolope is a traditional kite originating from the Mabolu Village, in the Lohia District, Muna Regency, in South East Sulawesi,

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Angklung : Harmony in a Bamboo Orchestra

For most Indonesians, bamboo is an inseparable component from daily life. House wares, tools, and building materials are among the few things associated with bamboos.  There is even a culinary delight made of young bamboo shoots, locally popular as rebung. Bamboo once played an important role in the struggle for Indonesia’s independence as a symbolic weapon known as bambu runcing, or ba

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The Inspiring Seudati Dance of Aceh

Aceh may be known for its distinguished Coffee and outstanding natural splendors, however the people and their well kept traditions are what truly give this most northwestern province of Indonesia its character.  While the vibrant traditional Saman Dance has long gained its worldwide reputation and acknowledged by UNESCO as an Intangible World Cultural Heritage, Aceh still has plenty other eq

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The Siger Tower and Crown: Landmark and Symbol of Lampung Province

Approaching Lampung from a distance, before even setting foot on Lampung soil in Bakauheni Port, you will see the Siger Tower gleaming against the skyline. A colossal, yellow crown sits at the summit of a hill, overlooking the sea. This monument of Lampung is where the city begins; the network of all Sumatra’s roads beginning at the foot of this hill, and the glimmering Sunda Strait beyond t

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The Historic Soya-Soya Dance of Ternate

The epic Soya-soya Dance is more than simply a dance or just a part of the culture, but rather a story that tells of the historic events of the struggle of the people of Ternate against the Portuguese colonial powers in South Halmahera. The dance reenacts the heroic actions of Sultan Babullah when he stormed the Portuguese fort of Paolo Santo Pedro to reclaim the body of his father, Sultan Hairum,

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