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Aceh’s Next Best: The Coffee

Have a sip of hot aromatic Aceh’s coffee and visit the cocoon of one of the world’s best. Hardly can you find a place in Indonesia like Aceh when it comes to coffee. It is a long held tradition that blends with daily necessity where people in and around Aceh translate it into coffee drinking habit in the province’s ubiquitous coffee houses. Although Takengon of Central Aceh is do

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The spongy sensation when a guest has a bite of Oen’s Symphony, - waffles with colorful scoops of melting ice cream, - is too memorable to forget. Every taste in the mouth is intensely palatable. Some of the must-try longstanding specialties here are: Wiener schnitzel, cordon bleu, tongue beef steak, nasi goreng (the legendary fried rice) uitsmijter, kaasstengels, and huzarensla (traditional

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Scrumptious Fresh Seafood any style at Jimbaran Beach

For anyone that has visited the world famous island of Bali, or even those who haven’t, many of you have likely heard of Jimbaran Beach, one of the favorite spots amongst the multitude of interesting places scattered across the island. Jimbaran beach offers a host of mouth-watering treats and could very well be the center of culinary tourism on the southern coast of Bali. Jimbaran beach is l

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RENDANG: Voted “The World’s Most Delicious Food”

In 2011 CNN International viewers voted Beef Rendang the Top among “The World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods”
A culinary presentation unique to the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatera, Rendang is a spicy Indonesian beef dish originally prepared for special festive occasions. Today, however, its popularity has spread across the country and can easily be found in any Pada

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Nutritious Tinutuan Porridge: A Taste of Manado Cuisine

Among lovers of the archipelago’s delicious and diverse culinary delights, Manado’s cuisine has become a sort of byword of the exotic Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi.

At a first glance, this typical Manadonese porridge may not look that attractive, but despite its rather disorderly appearance, this traditional dish is tasty indeed, and should not be bypassed while visiting the c

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Exploring the Cuisine of Dayak tribes in West Kalimantan

Have you ever wondered how a chili sauce made from durian would taste? Or how about crackers made from glutinous rice? Those are just a couple of the unique things to be found among the wide range of typical dishes created by the Dayak communities in West Kalimantan.

For those unfamiliar with South East Asia’s king of fruits, durian is a large hard-skinned and thorny fruit which has soft suc

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Jepa and Bau tuing-tuing: the true Mandar Culinary taste of West Sulawesi

Travelling along the coast of West Sulawesi, one will be presented with beautiful natural seascapes and rows of Mandar’s ethnic signature of Sandeq boats. Aside from the natural spectacle and the seafaring cultural attraction, the young province of West Sulawesi also offers culinary delights in Mandar’s distinct cuisine: the Jepa and the Bau Tuing tuing. If you are ready to try this sp

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Betawi’s typical Roti Buaya: the Crocodile Bread at weddings

A wedding party of the Betawi, - the indigenous ethnic group of Jakarta, - is not complete without the Roti Buaya or the Crocodile bread. Roti Buaya is a required gift that the bridegroom must bring to his bride as a token of eternal fidelity.


Roti buaya is simply a sweet bread made in the form of a crocodile, which can be a meter or half a meter long, that forms an important part of the

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Tasty Culinary Attractions of Kandangan

A huge statue in the shape of a “Ketupat” – rice wrapped in coconut leaves - greets those who enter Kandangan, the little capital town of Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency and the staging point to Loksado in the South Kalimantan Province. The monument is not merely a decoration, because it represents that for which the town is best known : the Ketupat Kandangan, a fitting symbol of wha

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The Coffee-Drinking Culture of Bangka and Belitung

How does one judge the flavor and aroma of a coffee? Everyone has a different taste, a different style. Every coffee shop has its own secret recipe; its own crowd. Some say coffee itself is as personal as a religion.


A small glass sits in front of you. Clear, dark coffee, and reflecting rays of light across the table, that is just big enough to accommodate four guests. A little cramped, y

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