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Taking a half day or a full day excursion on holiday or between conferences is always a wonderful introduction into a new destination, whether to a City like Jakarta to see its landmarks, learn about its history and culture or enjoy its natural surroundings. A day trip around Bali is an experience not to be forgotten, where one begins to understand what makes Bali such an unforgettable destination. Or get away from your five star hotels in Bintan Resort to see the simple fishing villages and visit historic Penyengat island across Tanjung Pinang. Take a seat in a coach offered by travel agents, hire your own car or bike through the country side. There is much to see and experience in Indonesia.   

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  • Demak

    Sandwiched between Semarang, capital of Central Java to its west, the regency of Jepara to its north, and the regency of Kudus to the east, the town of Demak was the seat of the once powerful Demak Sultanate, the cradle from where Islam spread throughout the entire island of Java.    According to “The Soil of East Central Java” written by T.W.G Dames in 1955, approximately 6 centuries ago, the area where now stands the...

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    Location: Java » Central Java » Kab. Demak

    The Majestic Beauty of the Ratu Boko Palace ruins

    The Majestic Beauty of the Ratu Boko Palace ruins

    Standing majestically on a hillside plateau overlooking the magnificent Prambanan temples and the mystical Mount Merapi as its backdrop, the Ratu Boko Palace ruins are the remnants from the glorious 8th century golden age of ancient Javanese kingdoms. Located approximately 17 km east of the city of Yogyakarta in the sub-district of Bokoharjo, Sleman Regency, the Ratu Boko Palace Complex is a unique archeological site which features a meld of...

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    Location: Java » DI Yogyakarta » Kota Yogyakarta

    Candi  Kalasan

    Candi Kalasan

    Located on the southern main road between the cities of Yogyakarta and Solo, approximately 2 Km from the Prambanan Temple compound, is Candi Kalasan, believed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Central Java and Yogyakarta, even predating the colossal Borobudur Temple in Magelang.   Administratively , the Kalasan Temple is situated in the Kali Bening area, in the Tirtomantani Village, Kalasan Sub-District, Sleman regency, in the Province...

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    Location: Java » DI Yogyakarta » Kab. Sleman



    Sulawesi Tenggara (Southeast Sulawesi,) is on one of the world’s most uniquely shaped islands, often referred to as the “Orchid Shaped Island.” Today, Sulawesi is divided into six provinces, one of them being Southeast Sulawesi, covering the lower eastern “petal” of this beautiful island.  The city of Kendari is its capital which lies on the east coast of the peninsula and is the starting point to any adventure...

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    Location: Sulawesi » South East Sulawesi » Kota Kendari

  • Jakarta’s Neo Gothic Catholic Cathedral

    Jakarta’s Neo Gothic Catholic Cathedral

    Jakarta’s neo-gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral stands on the north corner of Lapangan Banteng, or Banteng Square, which, during the Dutch colonial period was called Waterlooplein, or Waterloo Square in Central Jakarta.  Today, the Cathedral stands right across Jakarta’s largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque. Their proximity is not a coincidence. Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, chose the site for the mosque on purpose,...

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    Location: Java » DKI Jakarta » Jakarta Pusat


    Dompu , charming town on the road to Mt. Tambora or Lakey Beach Surf

    Not many have heard of the town of Dompu on Sumbawa.  But for avid mountain climbers Dompu is a small attractive town on the trek leading up north to Mt. Tambora, the supervolcano on Sumbawa, whose mega explosion on 11 April 1815 caused the “Year without Summer” in far away Europe the following year.  For surfers, the town of Dompu lies on the road to some unbelievable left hander surf at Lakey Beach and Hu’u by the...

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    Location: The Nusa Tenggara Islands » West Nusa Tenggara » Kab. Dompu



    The city of Palu, capital of the province of Central Sulawesi sits on the “neck” of the K shaped island of Sulawesi. Palu is the gateway to the Lore Lindu National Park and the mysterious Bada valley, where lie scattered megalithic statues resembling those on Easter Island, and further east is the diving haven of the Togean Islands.Although most of Central Sulawesi faces the large Bay of Tomini, Palu, however, faces the other way,...

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    Location: Sulawesi » Central Sulawesi » Kota Palu


    Wonosobo’s Stunning Mountain panorama, cool fresh air and tea plantations

    A unique combination of ancient temples, history, traditions, culture and amazing natural beauty make Wonosobo a very worthwhile place to visit. Sight-seeing here includes hot springs, a multi-colored lake, ancient temples and some impressive grand panoramic scenery from the peaks. The fresh air, beautiful greenery and serenity will help relieve your stress . So just relax and enjoy the experience of the many interesting spots around Wonosobo...

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    Location: Java » Central Java » Kab. Wonosobo

  • 25 - 32 of 78 destinasi