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Heritage Sites

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Heritage Sites

Many of the world's most ancient wonders can be found in Indonesia. From sacred temples to palace ruins, from prehistoric remains to living traditions, visitors from around the world come to Indonesia, attracted by its unique and diverse cultures and vibrant heritage.

Whether you take the opportunity to see traditional batik cloths being made, experience centuries old customs and festivities with a visit to a traditional village, or soak up some history in one of Indonesia's many museums – the list of heritage attractions appears endless.

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  • Benteng Heritage Museum

    Benteng Heritage Museum

    For those interested in the diaspora of the Chinese and how and when they settled in Indonesia should visit the small Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang, on the outskirts west of Jakarta.   The Benteng Chinese community by the Cisadane river belong to one of the first Chinese settlers in Indonesia, who intermarried and integrated with the local people, whose descendents of these mixed marriages are now known as Chinese Peranakan.  ...

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    Location: Java » Banten, DKI Jakarta » Kota Tangerang

    Seeking Outstanding Lasem Batik pieces in

    Seeking Outstanding Lasem Batik pieces in "Little China", Central Java

    If you are looking for fine batik pieces that are infused with both Chinese and Javanese cultural traits,  then head to Lasem, a small town in the district of Rembang by the north coast of Central Java. Dubbed as "Little China", Lasem was where the first Chinese are believed to have set foot on Java.  The assimilation of Chinese and Javanese cultures has blended harmoniously, as evident from the excellent batik materials produced here...

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    Location: Java » Central Java » Kota Semarang

    Betung  Kerihun  National Park in the Heart of Borneo

    Betung Kerihun National Park in the Heart of Borneo

    Betung Kerihun National Park is a Wildlife Sanctuary cetrally located on the island of Kalimantan, and is the largest conservation area in the West Kalimantan province in the Heart of Borneo. Its hilly topography spans an area of 8,000 square kilometers and encompasses 8 types of forest eco-systems, including lowland forest, old secondary forest, dipterocarpus, sub-montane and montane forest. A high level of plant diversity of over 1,200 species...

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    Location: Kalimantan » West Kalimantan » Kota Pontianak

    The Museum of North Sulawesi Province

    The Museum of North Sulawesi Province

    This museum was built so as to document everything related with local culture, history and arts in North Sulawesi Province. Therefore, this museum has a complete collection of 10 categories e.g., geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatics, philology, ceramology, arts and technology. This state-own museum was officially opened on 9 January 1991 and up to now, it has collected 2,810 artifacts. From this figure, about 500 of...

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    Location: Sulawesi » North Sulawesi » Manado City

  • Waruga Sawangan

    Waruga Sawangan

    Waruga are stone sarcophagi used by the Minahasa tribes to place their dead in a squatting position. The Waruga park is located in the village of Sawangan, and at the Airmadidi sub-district, some 40 kilometers from Manado.  Based on local belief, these graves are made of carved stone that are shaped like a house, a tradition kept since 1600AD. The graves vary, depending on the profession or social status of the person buried. There are...

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    Location: Sulawesi » North Sulawesi

    Watu Pinawetengan

    Watu Pinawetengan

    Watu Pinawetengan is an interesting megalithic stone because of its unique form and scripts. It is located in Tompaso sub-district, at the foot of Mount Soputan, Minahasa, or some 60 kilometers from Manado. According to Minahasa history and archaeological research, this stone is the place where the ancestors first divided up the land among nine sub-ethnics in Minahasa. This stone is four meters long and two meters tall. It looks like a bending...

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    Location: Sulawesi » North Sulawesi » Kab. Minahasa


    Otanaha Castle

    Otanaha Castle. In the past, the Kings of Gorontalo used Otanaha castle as a place of protection and defense. The unique of the castle applies in the material that was used to build the castle, which was the mixed of sand, plaster and the white part of Maleo egg. The panorama of Danau Limboto also can be seen clearly from the castle of Otanaha, because the castle itself stands in the top of the highland. Precisely, the castle is located in Dembe...

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    Location: Sulawesi » Gorontalo » Kota Gorontalo

    Fort Rotterdam and the I La Galigo Museum within:  History of South Sulawesi

    Fort Rotterdam and the I La Galigo Museum within: History of South Sulawesi

    Standing majestically at the western coast of Makassar, Fort Rotterdam is recognized as the city’s most iconic landmark. With historical traces dating back to the Kingom of Gowa from the 16thth century to colonization by the Dutch, this Fort has silently witnessed many episodes in Makassar’s history, playing a most essential role in its development. Its magnificence and authenticity has always captivated those who set eyes on it. A...

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    Location: Sulawesi » South Sulawesi » Kota Makassar

  • 65 - 72 of 136 destinasi