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Diving and Snorkeling

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Diving and Snorkeling

Home to over a quarter of the world's marine life, the Indonesian Archipelago is famous for its world class diving and exciting underwater beauty.

Take a plunge and discover an ocean teeming with all types of marine life, from Weh Island in Sumatra to Raja Ampat in Papua. Where else in the world can you get up close to a whole school of giant manta rays and turtles, dive spectacular drop-offs and explore old shipwrecks?

Whether you're an experienced diver looking for a new challenge or simply want to try your hand at snorkeling for the first time, the tropical waters of Indonesia will not disappoint. Plunge into Indonesia's ultimate underwater experience.

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  • Sangalaki, Underwater Paradise

    Sangalaki, Underwater Paradise

    For those of you who like diving, the beauty and diversity of flora and fauna around Sangalaki Island will attract you to come again and again.  This island is located in the Derawan Archipelago, Berau, East Kalimantan. It is one of the best locations for diving and snorkeling in the world, along with Raja Ampat in Papua province. Blowing winds, clean seawater, soft sands, warm sun, beautiful waves, coconut trees, and beautiful afternoons...

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    Location: Kalimantan » East Kalimantan » Kab. Berau

    Sanur Beach:  Watch the sun rise from below the horizon

    Sanur Beach: Watch the sun rise from below the horizon

    Greet the sun as she gradually rises from below the horizon radiating the most brilliant colors over Sanur Beach, while the soft white sands embrace the oncoming waves: a perfect picture of a beautiful sunny morning, where nature displays her fascinating features at the tranquil, laid back retreat of Sanur, east of Denpasar, capital of the fabled island of Bali. Located just 25 minutes from the international airport, 30...

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    Location: Bali » Bali, Kota Denpasar


    Sebuku and Sebesi Islands close to the Krakatau volcano

    Sebuku Island is one of the largest islands in the Sunda Strait, the path of water that runs between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Located close to the Krakatau volcano, the panoramic view of sandy white beaches against gentle rolling waves of the turquoise sea and the backdrop of a smoking volcano in the distance are a feast for the eyes. Sebuku Island is a popular destination for seaside adventures as well as a relaxing stop for those...

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    Location: Sumatra » Lampung » Kab. Lampung Selatan


    Semau Island

    Semau Island. Thirty minutes by boat from Kupang, this untainted island paradise is well worth a stopover. The surrounding crystal-clear waters offer exceptional snorkeling and swimming. Bamboo bungalows are available on the white sandy beach, and you can barbeque your freshly-caught dinner while enjoying a spectacular sunset.

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    Location: The Nusa Tenggara Islands » East Nusa Tenggara » Kota Kupang

  • Senggigi Beach

    Senggigi Beach

    Senggigi is Lombok's oldest and most famous resort area.A perfect place to relax, Senggigi boasts a series of white sandy beaches and safe swimming areas. The point at central Senggigi has good waves for surfers. This place has a colourful reef which provides shelter to a variety of marine life and exquisitely shapped coral and makes it a perfect place to snorkle.In the dry season, there is an interesting variety of boats moored in the bay....

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    Location: The Nusa Tenggara Islands » West Nusa Tenggara » Kab. Lombok Barat


    Sibolga : North Sumatra’s west coast Gateway from the Indian Ocean

    The town of Sibolga is the main sea port on the west coast of the province of North Sumatra. Ever since the early centuries AD , Indian and Arab merchants used to sail across the Indian Ocean to Sumatra using this western gateway.  The main attraction here then was the high quality camphor exported from the nearby port of Barus. Until today, the Indonesian word for camphor is kapur barus, or chalk from Barus, a region that still exists until...

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    Location: Sumatra » North Sumatra » Kab. Tapanuli Tengah

    Tanjung Lesung Resort

    Tanjung Lesung Resort

    Slightly bulging from the mainland of Java into the Sunda Straits is Tanjung Lesung, a developing integrated beach resort for recreation and hotels overlooking Mt. Anak Krakatu, all that is left of the once mighty Krakatau volcano.  Located on Java’s most western coast in the district of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, the Tanjung Lesung resembles the lesung, which in the local Sundanese language means the receptacle for rice...

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    Location: Java » Banten » Kab. Pandeglang

    Teluk Dalam on Nias: Fantastic Surf and Megalithic villages

    Teluk Dalam on Nias: Fantastic Surf and Megalithic villages

    This lovely little city is an amazing blend of beautiful scenery, culture, and history. Teluk Dalam in South Nias, is a prime destination for surfers both local and international, with its challenging sites and fierce rolling blue waves. This city is also the spot where the famous traditional ‘stone, or boulder jumping’ takes place, a heart-stopping sport requiring great acrobatic skills and athletic ability. Teluk Dalam is the...

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    Location: Sumatra » North Sumatra » Kab. Nias Selatan

  • 65 - 72 of 96 destinasi